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With over 10 years of experience and awards to match, SoulAsia Roadshow has become widely recognised as the North’s finest discotheque service, providing a complete and professional entertainment package. Here at SoulAsia Roadshow, we pride ourselves on high quality bespoke packages which are tailored to our clients individual specifications.

Having being trusted as one of North’s finest discothèque companies we have been given the opportunity to perform at 1000s of special occasions; from birthday and anniversary celebrations and events to our specialism of weddings, over the years and have proven to over exceed customers’ expectations and create many memorable days. Having performed and themed some of the UK’s most extravagant parties, we know exactly how to manage your special day.

We’ve gained popular acclaim for our fusion of genres and our specialised selection of music to make your event excel beyond any of the audience’s expectations. We remain flexible and are happy to work with any set playlists or music requirements you may choose. We specialise in providing music for all events regardless of our customers’ age groups, ethnic backgrounds and personal taste.

We hope our website can provide a platform for the creativity we can bring to your occasion to make it one to remember.
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The SoulAsia Team


Attaining over 15 years of experience in the field of Disc Jockeying, he is the initial founder and creator of SoulAsia roadshow. DJ LKY began his DJing career at college, performing in the nightlife circuit alongside legendary acts such as Alaap, Heera and Malkit Singh to name a few.

LKY soon became household name in the club industry which naturally lead him into the public events and wedding industry. Playing various genres from Bhangra, RnB, Arabian, Bollywood and Dance amongst others, he has amassed a large musical database and has adapted his style to suit any function he has encountered.
Alongside his DJing ability, DJ LKY has developed into a fully competent and lively Master of Ceremonies. Rest assured that with DJ LKY, your event will be handled with a wealth of experience and professionalism.

MC Sat


Having over 15 years of experience in the wedding circuit alone, MC Sat has an abundance of knowledge throughout the Events Sector. He decided to join DJ LKY during the 90’s as SoulAsia was fast becoming the North’s fastest growing roadshow, and he has never looked back. MC Sat has stood by the Team as we have grown in strength, always helping to train the latest recruits and keeping SoulAsia’s name in great stead.

MC Sat is not only our flagship Master of Ceremonies but also our primary Audio/Visual specialist and technical support member, thus becoming the backbone to this award winning roadshow.
A creative and skilfully adept host, Sat is forever working alongside the DJ to make sure the dancefloor is always rocking.

DJ Gopz


DJ Gopz has over 10 years of experience in the club and wedding industry. He started his DJ career with a local roadshow called Dhamaka Roadshow (which is now defunct), later joining Soulasia Roadshow and in the process becoming one of our most popular and talented DJ.

Bringing his experience in DJing to the roadshow he soon became a partner with DJ LKY as the roadshow expanded rapidly. Gopz holds a plethora of musical knowledge including Bhangra, RnB, Dance, Bollywood and many more. He has a natural raw talent to mix a collection of genres, always adapting to the crowd to keep the dance floor full. DJ Gopz continues to retain a massive involvement in the Asian wedding circuit as he constantly performs at many weddings held at the UK’s most prestigious venues, remaining one of the most sought after DJ’s in the Northern Event Sector.

DJ Govi/Head of The SoulAsia Dhol Academy


Govi joined SoulAsia Roadshow originally as a dhol player from the ripe age of 15. With a passion for Bhangra music, he soon honed his DJing skills and is now an ambidextrous member of the Team.

His main role is to manage eight dhol players, under the moniker of The Soulasia Dhol Academy. With a strong ability to play the dhol, and his rapidly developing DJing experience, he has already become a valued member of the Soulasia Team.

DJ Danny/Dholi


DJ Danny/Dholi is one of the latest members of the SoulAsia Team. Whilst training as a Dholi from the young age of 12, Danny is now training to be a full fledged DJ. Still only in his teens, he is quickly developing into a competent club and wedding DJ alongside his percussion ability.

He has over 7 years in experience in the entertainment industry. He is a young talent, rated highly as a valued member of the SoulAsia Team.

Prabhjot Singh/Musician


Prabhjot Singh is a young and upcoming musician, trained in the classical arts of Indian Percussion. He became a member of the SoulAsia team at the tender age of 13 and has developed into one of the finest percussionists in the North of the UK, rapidly spreading his experience throughout the ranks of our SoulAsia Dhol Academy. Along his journey with SoulAsia, he has enhanced his skills to include a variety of percussion instruments from the Dhol, to the Tabla.

He quickly became a valuable Dhol Player since joining. Versatile, enthusiastic and enigmatic with the dhol, he brings an aura of class to this artform, always adding to the memorable experience.

Daya Singh Bhogal


Daya is also a trained percussion artist, joining our ranks from a young age. He has developed his dhol playing skills into a manner that transforms any function into a memorable event. Alongside any other number of dholis or even playing alone, Daya holds his own and maintains the ability to impress and wow the crowds at any of our events.

They come in traditional costumes or western attire. Perfect for bride and groom entrances, performing alongside the dj and many more.

Female DJ Saiqa


Saiqa is a highly experienced Female dj, with experience as an open mic, compere and radio/TV hostess, around Yorkshire and the North of England. DJ Saiqa is the newest member of the elite Soulasia DJ team. DJ Saiqa presents regular shows on Fever FM. DJ Saiqa is available for ladies nights, all ladies mendhis, sangeet nights, walimas etc.

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